VDR-Games Plugin


The VdrGames-Plugin is an OSD games collection (formerly known as the tetris plugin) for VDR >= 1.1.17 (Development) and >= 1.2.0 (Stable).

This collection currently contains Tetris, Tron, TicTacToe, Snake and Minesweeper.

The plugin will be built as a stand alone SDL programm, if it can't find the VDR header files. Very handy for debugging and testing.

I would like to hear your opinion, feature request or suggestions and also will be very pleased to receive your patches, betterments or new game implementations.

             LEFT  ->  move left
            RIGHT  ->  move right
               UP  ->  move up / rotate piece
             DOWN  ->  move down / drop piece
             BACK  ->  quit game
               OK  ->  pause/restart
      NUMBER KEYS  ->  1 - show, 2 - place enigma, 3 - mark mine

       Block Size  ->  in pixels multiplied with 4
   X & Y Position  ->  cartesian coordinates of OSD (0,0 = centered)
   Computer Skill  ->  level of AI smartness for computer enemy
       Key Repeat  ->  send repeated keycodes, when key is held down


Most games are based on simple Open Source versions of their famous originals. I have rewritten, changed, removed and/or added large parts of the source. Nevertheless I used code from the following people, so my thanks go to:

Justin Todd (Snake)
Franko Kulaga (Tetris)
Rhett D. Jacobs (Tron)
Aaron Rogers (TicTacToe)
Gerard Monells (Minesweeper)