'VDR-Games Plugin' Revision History

2002-11-01: Version 0.0.1 initial revision.

2002-11-01: Version 0.1.0 display current score implemented pause button

2002-11-01: Version 0.1.1 display current level fixed restart bug prevent falling through of first piece

2002-11-02: Version 0.1.2 fixed to late initialization of random generator avoid crash when pressing "menu" while playing game ends when stack reaches top display game over message terminate cleanly if in pause mode

2002-11-09: Version 0.1.3 many general code clean/speed ups implemented key repeating key repeat on/off setup menu colorful pieces implemented color mode setup menue fixed overwriting of game over by new (last) piece show pause mode new handling of x/y position setup menu

2002-11-19: Version 0.2.0 start/stop code rewritten minor code cleaning for stable release

2002-12-30: Version 0.2.1 SDL Output support added (for development & debuging)

2003-04-06: Version 0.4.0 changed plugin name to "vdr games" added snake game added tron game implemented laucher menu completely rewritten SDL key handling to avoid #ifdef pollution major source reorganisation for better code sharing between the games

2003-04-21: Version 0.4.1 added DVB include path to default include path changed internal plugin class names removed "Colors" setup parameter added "Computer Skill" setup parameter print usage for SDL version added TicTacToe game fixed bug in Tron AI, that let it crash unexpectedly unified OSD size calculation

2003-07-12: Version 0.4.2 fixed race condition when closing the OSD integrated minesweeper from development branch 0.5.2 fixed Segfault when pressing [ESC] in SDL version redesigned all minesweeper symbols generally slowed down game speed

2003-10-13: Version 0.6.0 splitted drawing code into backend dependent/independent removed "make SDL=1" (gets autodetected now) color handling rewritten completely (makes schemes possible) moved each game into its own subdirectory added game over message to minesweeper seperated score/level/status display from field display common message box for pause, game over, ... implemented font render engine (partly stolen from vdr) removed font code from SDL backend (avoids SDL_ttf dependency) fixed long standing rect_fill() drawing code source code completely restructured major faceliftings for all games implemented menu factory macros for launcher.cpp

2004-05-23: Version 0.6.1 updated to work with vdr >1.3.7 (thx Sascha Volkenandt) fixed compile error by adding -D_GUN_SOURCE (thx Manfred Schmidt-Voigt)

2005-06-27: Version 0.6.2 fixed compile error with gcc 3.4.3 (thx Ronny Kornexl) fixed crash when entering main menu a second time updated README regarding URL and email

2006-04-30: Version 0.6.3 fixed broken compilation for vdr > 1.3.47 (thx Ronny Kornexl) avoid hoging cpu in SDL version by usleeping in mainloop