VdrNfsroot Distribution

VdrNfsroot-DISTRI-1.0 test version (not released to the public)

VdrNfsroot-DISTRI-1.1 first official release

VdrNfsroot-DISTRI-1.2 added df, sort, find to /bin (thx to Klaus Gregorski)

VdrNfsroot-DISTRI-1.3 updated to vdr-0.94 and dvb-20010913 moved drivers from /modules to /lib/modules

VdrNfsroot-DISTRI-1.4 updated to vdr-0.99pre3 and dvb-20011117 fixed not working recordings menu (thx to Micheal Langer) /var/* gets cleaned at boot time added missing nodes in /dev and /dev/ost removed libncurses from /lib

VdrNfsroot-DISTRI-1.5 updated to vdr-1.0.1-dvd-nav10 and dvb-2002-04-01 timezone problem fixed (added /etc/localtime file) added libdjbfft and librt for new dvd support upgraded to modutils 2.4.15 moved vdr *.conf files to /etc /etc/adjtime gets now updated on startup added /bin/sync, because vdr wants to call it removed unneeded /dev/zero node many little tweaks and cleanups, i do not remember

VdrNfsroot-DISTRI-2.0 the whole distri is now based on LFS (Linux From Scratch) upgraded to vdr-1.0.4 with dvd support added libz and liba52 removed hwclock from /bin added netdate, ifconfig and portmap to /bin

VdrNfsroot Howto

VdrNfsroot-HOWTO-1.0 initial release

VdrNfsroot-HOWTO-1.1 some minor addons and bugfixes (thx to Jochen Kirstätter)

VdrNfsroot-HOWTO-1.2 additional informations and even more links

VdrNfsroot-HOWTO-1.3 uneeded kernel options removed all TODOs are done now some typos fixed

VdrNfsroot-HOWTO-1.4 Minor layout updates Chapter 5 completely rewritten kernel options for additional vdr features moved kernel configuration to chapter 3 some rephrasing here and there

VdrNfsroot-HOWTO-1.5 updated dhcpd.conf for dhcpd-3.0.x

VdrNfsroot-HOWTO-2.0 new credits subchapter additional loading of kernel via nfs instead of tftp filesystem description updated to VdrNfsroot-DISTRI-2.0